A: Form

This animation is a two-minute extract from the song Jenifa Taught Me by De La Soul. We are creating it as a Music Video for the song.

B: Animation Type

During the Music Video, there will be multiple types of animation which will blend together to give a unique style. There will be 3D animation using AutoDesk Maya. 2D animation using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Animate. There will be some claymation and paper cut-outs stop-motion.

C: Genre

Due to the nature of the Music Video there will be some comedic elements. Most scenes will be depicting real life events that are relatable to the Target Audience.

D: Narrative/Character Development

As we are animating a music video there aren’t characters as such, apart from the music artists. Therefore, the story will follow the events as outlined in the lyrics of the song, with different characters in the scenes, or no characters at all.

E: Risk Assessment

F: Shooting Schedule

09/10/17 to 17/10/17Character DesignDesign a character sheet in Illustrator including emotions and activitiesJoe BaileyIf Illustrator doesn’t work then I will draw my character designs
09/10/17 to 02/11/17TreatmentWrite about target audience, legal and ethical issues, synopsis, mediumJoe Bailey
09/10/17 to 02/11/17Production ScheduleCreate a timetable for the animation productionJoe Bailey
15/10/17 to 29/10/17ScriptWrite a script for the animation including notes for different scenesJoe BaileyIf a script can’t be completed, then we will use the lyrics from the song
15/10/17 to 02/11/17StoryboardDraw 24 frames of a storyboard for a scene within the animationJoe Bailey
02/11/17 to 09/11/17Paper Cut OutsCreate our characters in paper form and animate around 30 seconds of footageAllI have chosen to do the stop motion animation first as they take the longest time, therefore we can take as long as we need to do this complex form of animation, and if some of the computer generated animation can’t be finished within the confines of the school timetable, we shall take home some work and complete the animation over the christmas break.
09/11/17 to 16/11/17ClaymationAnimate scenes from the song, using our script, in clay. A penny falling down a manhole cover, dollar flying on the windAll
16/11/17 to 23/11/17AnimateDraw and animate 30 seconds of footage using our script. Record and Cassette kissing. Daisies fluttering in the wind. Drawing of a vaseAll
23/11/17 to 30/11/17PhotoshopAnimate 30 seconds of footage using photoshop and our script. Flexing muscles, a piano being played a teddy bear singingAll
30/11/17 to 06/11/17PremiereArmy man walking into boat. Match burning. A hospital and school buildingAll
01/12/17 to 07/12/17MayaRecord spinning on a turntable being scratched by a hand with yeahs looking like comic strip soundsAll
07/12/17 to 10/12/17Composit in After EffectsCombine all our footage in After Effects and do some final touchesJoe BaileyIf our different forms of animation do not blend seamlessly with eachother then we shall use after effects to create sequences inbetween the scenes to make the video flow, we shall therefore cut out sections of our footage to allow for these after effects compositions
10/12/17 to 15/12/17Output PremiereOutput into Premiere to perform further final touches and to make sure all the clips go togetherJoe Bailey
15/12/17 to 04/01/18Rough CutCreate a rough cut and get feedback on itJoe BaileyIf feedback is generally negative and we don’t have enough time to make all the changes possible we will try our best to change the footage, making sure we render different versions of the video in order to still have one to upload to Youtube
04/01/18 to 11/01/2018Final EditAct upon feedback and make the video perfect, ready for viewersJoe Bailey

G: Call Sheets