Southampton Solent University

I’m just starting my fifth week at Southampton Solent University and I’m enjoying myself so far. The university is nice and welcoming, and not too big.

I’m staying in halls at Emily Davies which is nice, the facilities aren’t great, but I got a large room and it was cheap.

The course, Web Design and Development, is going okay so far. Although we’re doing Art and Design, and Programming separately, and what I like about Web Design is how the two combine to create nice websites.

A couple days ago I managed to get out with my camera before a lecture and take some photos of the Clock Tower and Guild Hall. The weather was lovely and sunny, but I was a bit silly having left my camera on settings that I used for a night shoot a couple weeks before, and I only realised halfway through this shoot so most of the photos were blurry.

A few days later I was on the way back to halls just after a rain shower and we had the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. The sky got really golden, the sun reflecting off the ocean, and then we had a double rainbow before the sky turned pink. I only had my phone with me but managed to take a few photos.