My process from shoot to share

  • Upload photos to Hard Drive (Backed Up) from camera
  • Import photos to Lightroom
  • Add Metadata
  • Select best photos and edit them
  • Export photos for website
    • 350kb
    • 72 PPI
    • Long Edge 1920px
    • Joe Bailey Photography Copyright
  • Export family photos to original folder in sub-folder called Facebook
    • 350kb
    • 72 PPI
    • Long Edge 1920px
    • Joe Bailey Photography Copyright
  • Edit videos
    • Add to YouTube
  • Publish photos on website memories page
  • Add photos to portfolio
  • Upload to Google Maps
  • Make a blog post and Jetpack publicize
    • Featured Image – 3×2 1920×1280
    • Share on personal Facebook
  • Share family photos on personal Facebook
  • Add photos to Buffer to publish on Instagram

How to create an animated GIF in Adobe Photoshop and publish to Instagram

My camera can take 12 photos a second, and at this fast a frame rate it can often be cool to turn the little bursts of photos into GIFs. I create these using Adobe Photoshop CC 2019, but other versions may work too.

  1. Open up Photoshop
  2. File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack
  3. Once your photos have been loaded into the document you’re ready to open up the timeline
  4. Window > Timeline
  5. In the new window click the dropdown arrow and select Create Frame Animation then click the button
  6. Now select the three lines in the top right of the timeline window and click Make Frames from Layers
  7. Highlight all the frames and on one of them change how long each frame should appear. I like to go with 0.5s before the next frame should appear.
  8. At the bottom of the Timeline window select how many times you would like your GIF to loop; forever, 3 times, once, etc
  9. Preview your GIF by pressing the play icon
  10. Sometimes the frames have been imported backwards, make sure your GIF plays the correct way through
  11. Now it’s time to save your GIF
  12. File > Export > Save For Web (Legacy)
  13. I like to set my GIF to be around 1280px x 720px so as not to make the file size too large. I also use 256 colours to maintain as much authenticity as I can.

After I’ve created my GIFs I like to publish them to Instagram to show them off.

  1. Upload your GIF to the website GIPHY
  2. Download your GIF as an MP4 format video and share to Instagram


How to remove haze in Adobe Premiere Pro

This is the first in a new series of blog posts which will outline some tips & tricks for photographers.

In quite a few of my videos, especially the ones at Bruntingthorpe, haze has been a real problem. It’s easy to fix for photos you can just use the Dehaze slider in Lightroom. In Adobe Premiere Elements there’s a Haze Removal Effect. But how about in Adobe Premiere Pro?

I’ve used the Cineon Converter to increase the contrast of the video. Here are the settings I used:

Conversion TypeLog to Log
10 Bit Black Point25
Internal Black Point0
10 Bit White Point1023
Internal White Point1
Highlight Rolloff0

I then used the Lumetri Color effect to add some final touches to the video. Play with the highlights and shadows until you have the contrast you want. Similarly, try out different settings on the Cineon Converter effect to adjust the level of dehazing you want.


Cornwall Day 7 – Truro

On the final day of our holiday, we headed to Truro to do some more shopping. The weather was pretty rubbish but we made the best of it.

We parked in the Moorfield Car Park where we got to see the lovely Truro Cathedral. Dad went in all the charity shops he could find and me and Josh found a nice toy shop and had a good browse.

We tried looking for somewhere nice to eat but most of the cafes were really healthy or only had a few sandwiches on their menus. We eventually found Cloisters which was a bit of a chav cafe. I ordered a burger and the kitchen made a baguette instead but luckily corrected it. It still meant my burger came about 10 minutes after everyone else’s food was out. It wasn’t even that nice either.

After a bit of a disaster at lunch, we found Pannier Market which had both a comic and record shop! We must have spent at least an hour in there and everyone got something they wanted. We then went to a few more charity shops before heading back to the caravan.

We had a game of Monopoly and I won by wiping everyone out and had a final total of £8455. A perfect way to end our lovely holiday.

Cornwall Day 6 – Healey’s Cyder Farm (Halloween)

We got up and watched a bit of TV and had sausage sandwiches for breakfast before heading to Healey’s Cyder Farm to carve a pumpkin. It was very foggy in the morning and rainy, but as we drove further west the rain lifted and the sun broke through.

We arrived at the Cider Farm and didn’t really know what we were doing or what we wanted so we got the boy at reception to help us and he informed us there was a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch at 2:30, an hour and a half from now. We wondered about going into Truro for some shopping but decided to stay and look around at the animals. They had ponies and goats and chickens and peacocks, and dad did his usual Dr Doolittle routine and had a cuddle with each one.

We then went and found the café. We had a cider each, there was a berry one, Cornish gold, and pear. A cat came up and said hello and then it started raining so we had to go inside. Me and Josh were thrilled because we finally had some Wi-Fi.

It was finally time to get on the tractor and I got a bit separated because I was being polite and letting people on, I made my way back though. We rumbled along a dirt track to the top of a hill where they had some hay bales and about 10 pumpkins. We were all thoroughly unimpressed. You even had to pay £3 for a pumpkin on top of the £15 tractor ride fee for a family. We then all got back on the tractor and drove through their orchard which I enjoyed as it felt like I’d been apple picking this year.

We went to the café again and had some cake, cream tea, and cheesy chips, and wrote a few of our postcards. When it was time to leave we went to the shop and got a few crates of cider.

Back at the caravan we relaxed a little and watched Casper on TV, my favourite, and then flicked between a few different horror movies. Josh made a gingerbread house. Me and Dad went into Looe to get dinner from Harvey’s Fish and Chips, we think it’s the best. There were a few trick or treaters dotted around town and some fireworks went off on the seafront. We were a bit gutted we didn’t go and watch.

Cornwall Day 5 – Newquay

We were going to have a day in, but Dad woke up at 8 raring to go. It was raining quite a bit, so we decided on Newquay for a bit of shopping.

Dad had to do some competition level parking to get in a tight space next to a wall and we were very impressed. It was chucking it down and we weren’t very happy walking down the high street. We went in a few charity shops but there was nothing of interest really.

Mum then had the excellent idea of going to Towan Beach. It really started raining at that point but we soldiered on. There was a house on an island which was cool and I spotted a massive dead jellyfish and mum found these weird bubbles in the sand. We just about made it to the sea before turning back to town where we found a Warrens Bakery, the Cornish equivalent of Greggs, and got some takeaway Cornish pasties and baguettes for dinner. Dad then did some more awesome reversing to get us out of the car park and on our way home.

We watched Room on the Broom and Goosebumps whilst eating our meal deals from the pasty shop for dinner. We gave Room on the Broom 10/10 as it gave us very fond memories of when I was little. Goosebumps we scored 8/10 as it kept us hooked into the film but was a bit kiddie.