Firebase Chat App

In my first year of University I had a go at creating a chat app using Firebase following my lecturers instructions. I was the only person in my class to succeed. Go ahead, type something.

React Tic Tac Toe

My first venture into the world of React was building this Tic Tac Toe game using the React Docs. It also helped me get to grips with CodePen for creating small little projects.

Vue To-Do List

After experimenting using Vue in my Photography Website I decided to have a go at making a To-Do List. You can create and delete To Dos but they don’t currently persist. This is something I wish to add in the future.

To-Do List

As part of my university course we were tasked with creating a To Do List in Vanilla JavaScript. For many, it was also an introduction into using NPM and BrowserSync for the first time. We also experimented with using Local Browser Storage.

Weather app

My friend made a weather app so that they could learn APIs. I decided to fork it and take it a step further by experimenting with CSS Houdini, Variable Fonts, CSS Variables, and new browser APIs such as the Speech Synthesis API.


Future Ideas

  • Turn notifications on and off and have icon reflect that.
  • Send notifications every 30 minutes even if app is not opened.
  • Use more bleeding edge APIs (Suggestions welcome).

No Thumbnails Gallery

When creating my portfolio and memories page I needed a quick and easy way of creating galleries of images without having to code each individual image (there are over 3,000 images!). Also, I needed it without a thumbnail for each image. As far as I can tell there isn’t an easy option to do that. So I created my own bit of code using AJAX, jQuery, and PHP. I have called this the No Thumbnails Gallery. After going to Dan Benham’s talk and hearing about how to turn skills into software that’s resellable I decided to make my bit of code standalone. I have since added it to GitHub for other people to see, and use free-of-charge.