Dynamo Challenge with IBM and Enterprise Rent-a-Car

I saw an opportunity for the Inter-university Dynamo Challenge advertised on Solent University’s website and decided to give it a go since I was trying lots of new experiences whilst being at university. 

The event was hosted by Bournemouth University and the challenge set by IBM. Our challenge was “How can IBM market AI in a positive way to the future generation?”

There were 10 teams of around 5 people, with a student from each of the 5 participating universities in each team. 

We had 3 hours to create a 5 minute pitch answering our question. We were also given a complimentary lunch and dinner. 

There was a team of judges from IBM, the universities, and Enterprise Rent-a-Car who asked questions on our pitches and then chose the winners.

Unfortunately, our team didn’t win, but I made some great contacts and gained some valuable experience in preparing for and giving presentations. I will certainly look to do the event again next year. 

You can read a blog post by Cezara Denise Tineghe from Solent University on her thoughts of the Dynamo Challenge here.  

Summer breeze

Summer is fast approaching and I was hoping for a little relaxation time. Maybe some time to catch up on the countless movies, TV shows, and games I need to watch/play. Life seems to have other ideas. I’ve landed a job at Cafe 121 on Saturdays and am looking for work in web design during the week.

A couple of projects are in the works too, such as a comedy column set on Mars and a photography and short story team up remembering some of the anecdotes and sayings found all over the UK.