Re-creating my Portfolio with React

I’ve just finished recreating my portfolio using React. There aren’t very many visual changes apart from changing the hover effects a little. The site features a lot of repetitive content, such as portfolio items. React is good for this because I can create a component for the item which minimizes the amount of coding required. Having components also saves time in the long run because if I want to update a component I’ll only have to do it once rather than multiple times. As part of the process, I tried to make the code more readable, by including comments in each file, and separating out the Sass so it’s more manageable.

After attending several interviews, there was a common question that came up: What technologies did I use for a particular project? As a result of this, I have included icons beneath each project in my portfolio indicating the different technologies that I used. I have also brought back the GitHub contributions image.

Re-doing my portfolio

I built my web design portfolio site over the Christmas of 2018 and decided it needed a bit of a refresh during the summer.

I got in touch with the @_tashhockey, the person behind Honest Feedback, to give my website a bit of a review. She made some really good points and brought to light the fact that I was trying to make my website too much. It was my personal space to show off my work, it was for clients, and for future employers.

It took me a few months, but I decided I was going to focus on making my website a portfolio to show future employers. Something else is in the works to show clients.

I took out a lot of the content which had the added benefit of making the page load a lot quicker, and took a lot less time to scroll through. It now features my best websites and that’s it.

On mobile I made the portfolios scroll horizontally which means that the user doesn’t have to scroll past loads and loads of content.

I’m really happy with the design of the website so I only made some minor tweaks to colours to make things more legible. Redoing my portfolio provided me with a chance to brush up on my JavaScript and jQuery skills too.

Web Design Portfolio

I’d been meaning to update my portfolio site for quite a while as I wasn’t really happy with the design. The long Christmas break gave me a chance to do just that. I was inspired by this template. In my lectures, we’d been learning about Figma and UX design. I wanted to use this redesign as an opportunity to learn more. I also learnt a bit of bootstrap and flexbox at the same time. I’m really happy with my site and it showcases all of my skills. You can see it here.

Logo design for a Web Developer

My first project at university was to write a report on how I designed a set of logos to brand myself as a web developer. We had to include research, feedback and final designs. I got a C1 on this report as I found it quite hard being the first one I’ve done at university. You can see the logo below:

I’ve started creating a site to showcase my work as a web design professional. Once finished it will be live at I’m not really feeling it as much as my photography website, I don’t think the design flows that well, and it doesn’t really optimize for mobile all that well either. I think maybe in 6 months or so, once I’ve learnt more, I’ll design it again with a mobile-first approach. For now, I’m just concentrating on getting it finished and published as yet another example of my work.