Skills and Resources Gaps (As outlined in P3):

By using this plan, I will have a good opportunity to learn more web design languages, as outlined as a weakness in P2 and P3. I will do this after I have finished Long Road, during my summer holidays. I will use my time at university to build bigger and more complex websites.

I will learn to drive after my time at university which will help me get to different job interviews which are further away. This was identified as a weakness in P2 and P3.

By applying to jobs worldwide, I will make sure I am working for some of the best web design firms out there.


Finish Long Road Sixth Form College

Continue to improve Joe Bailey Photography learning JavaScript and PHP as well as taking photos

Maintain Therfield Village Pre-School Website

Develop the National Hyacinth Collection Website

Look for more job opportunities in the Web Design sector

Complete the Google Digital Garage and get certified

Take a place at University of Gloucestershire

Create contacts with people in the industry and get part-time work experience in the sector

Learn to drive after university

Move abroad to America to work for SpaceX as a web developer.http://www.spacex.com/careers

Contingency Plan:

I will finish Long Road

I will maintain Joe Bailey Photography

The National Hyacinth Collection website may fall through and result in no further work being produced. However, I still have the templates and started design, which I can show as part of my portfolio.

My Mum might move jobs, but I plan to still maintain Therfield Village Pre-School

I may run out of time to complete the Google Digital Garage Certification, therefore I will do it at university.

I have an unconditional offer from The University of Gloucestershire, however, I might go to Southampton Solent University.

The university may not have appropriate contacts for me to make within the web design sector, so I may need to email web design firms and visit them to make my own contacts.

The main reason I haven’t learnt to drive now is I don’t have the sufficient funds. This may not change after university, so I will just have to use public transport.

Moving to another country is a big risk, and you have to be at the top of your field. If I can’t get a job in another country, I will settle for one in the UK.


Short Term Aims
Continue work on current websites and learn more code
Mid Term Aims

Go to university to get new ideas and make links in the sector

Long Term Aims

Move abroad to work for a small web design firm


Employment and education opportunities in the media sector

Job role
Business/self-employment opportunities
Employment opportunities including apprenticeships
Education options
Web Developer IT You can be both a freelance and employed Web Developer. You can earn a lot more money being self-employed, but have less job security and have to keep finding new clients, which can be hard in such a modern industry. A lead Web Developer working for a company can earn upwards of £50,000 a year. Link to Job
Frontend Developer (HTML, CSS/SCSS, JS)
£42,000 a year
Required Skills…
  • Javascript (vanilla, jQuery, JSON, Gulp, Grunt)
  • HTML
  • GIT/Version Control
  • Ability to work confidently within terminal
  • Basic Ruby on Rails experience
Link to Education Digital Media and Web Technologies BSc (Hons) – University of Gloucestershire The degree covers a range of technical aspects (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL and PHP) as well as creative skills such as audio, animation, graphic design and 3D modelling. User experience, mobile games and augmented reality are major themes of the course. The course’s links with industry practitioners means you’ll learn about current practices, creating websites for live clients such as Cheltenham Motor Sports.
Web Designer IT You can be both a freelance and employed Web Designer. You can earn a lot more money being self-employed, but have less job security and have to keep finding new clients, which can be hard in such a modern industry. A lead Web Designer working for a company can earn upwards of £50,000 a year. Link to Job
Senior Web Designer
We’re looking for a talented Senior Web Designer to join our Online Tools team in the ARM IoT Services Group. You’ll be working on some of the busiest web properties across ARM, with a community of hundreds of thousands of ARMmbed developers. Our team is hugely talented and working to deliver the tools, services and developer ecosystem to make IoT possible. You’ll have a high degree of autonomy and lots of scope for bringing your own creativity into the mix.
Link to Education Web Design BSc (Hons) – University of Huddersfield
Web design is a part of our everyday lives and we continually find new ways of accessing and interacting with it. This course aims to give you these skills and knowledge. This is a mixed discipline course encompassing both creative and technical elements. In the first two years you will study the technical side of web development alongside gaining an in-depth understanding of web design. The aim of this is to help you gain a broad range of skills, which are in demand from employers and our placement providers. If you choose to opt for the placement year we have many links with industry to help you secure a job, including globally recognised brands and small local companies.
Information Security Officer IT IT Security is an ever expanding industry as much more companies are hiring professionals to manage their security due to recent cyber attacks such as WannaCry. You would either work for an IT company and be a contractor to smaller companies who need IT assistance or you would be hired by a company and only work for their IT department. Link to Job
£40,000 a year – Permanent
Key Responsibilities:
  • Develop, maintain and deliver periodic security audits security reports to our clients in the region
  • Operate or oversee managed-services operation of security-specific devices and software (e.g. firewalls, IPS, Vulnerability Management Tools, anti-virus, etc)
  • Network and Server design consulting with a security-minded focus
  • Design, develop, document and maintain a complete Security Program
  • To provide maximum quality of service, you will have to keep abreast of IIT security trends, emerging threats and best practices.
  • Maintain customer relations and requirements as set out in applicable commercial arrangements
Computer Science with Cyber Security MEng (Hons) – University of Southampton
This four-year degree in MEng Computer Science with Cyber Security will help you to gain a thorough grounding in computer science and to specialise in the growing field of cyber security.
This course will teach you the latest thinking in cyber security, including the concepts, principles, technologies and practices for addressing current and emerging cyber security threats and challenges.With cybercrime on a steep rise and cyber terrorism emerging as a national concern, the MEng Computer Science with Cyber Security is specifically designed to produce graduates with a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary view of the subject area, embracing the technical subjects in depth, but including important aspects of criminology, risk management, law and social sciences.


Personal Characteristics:

I am extremely good at time-keeping as I utilise lists to help me remember all of the work that needs to be done.

I work well within a group, helping everyone to achieve a similar goal. I have practised and perfected this skill during media at Long Road by working in groups to film various projects.


I have a good knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office packages enabling me to work quickly and effectively in a production environment.

I am competent in using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress to create powerful websites.

I can use Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, and Search Console to help optimise sites.


I achieved 10 GCSEs graded A*-C.

I currently have a Diploma in Media Studies graded at Distinction.


I enjoy taking photos and videos to capture memories with my family.
I am extremely interested in the space industry, hence why I want to work for SpaceX.


I own a classic car which I am currently restoring.

I enjoy creating plastic model kits.


I am working for Therfield Village Pre-School to maintain their website, implement a blog and newsletter and increase their online presence.
I am working for the National Hyacinth Collection to design, develop and maintain a website showcasing their open day and the varieties of hyacinths the collection has.

I have created a photography website to showcase my work to potential clients and universities.

I am running a business with my Dad to buy and sell vinyl records on eBay.

In the future:

I would like to develop my skills in the web languages that I don’t currently have a good knowledge of. I would like to build bigger, more complex websites to build upon the knowledge that I currently have. I would also like to design more print-based media as I don’t have a lot of experience in this area.


Personal Resources Audit


Previous work experience in the same field would be desirable for any future employer.


A car would be desirable in order to drive to work and to interviews, however public transport would suffice in most circumstances.


Access to industry standard software would be a luxury as you can practice your skills at home.


A degree would be desirable in my chosen field however most firms would be happy with experience which would become essential without a degree.

Access to locations:

Large, successful, Web Design firms are based in Japan, USA, and Western Europe.


Contacts with recognized designers would help career prospects as they may be able to open doors to new, better, jobs.

Hire & Loan:

Some web design projects require photos to be taken as well which would require a camera loan.

Bursaries and Competition:

A bursary would be a luxury to pay for all or some of university fees.

Course Workshop and Academies:

Most Web Design information can be found online through websites such as MDN and Google Developers which means it’s very easy to access. This would build upon prior knowledge in the field making you more desirable to future employers.

Festivals and Events:

There are many technology events around the world and it would be a luxury to be able to go to them, however not essential.

Evaluating my own resources:


3 Jobs within the web-design field already puts me above anyone else applying to university. My set-up at home is equipped with industry-standard software and multiple monitors to improve workflow. I have unconditional offers to university to study the degree I want to get me into the web design field. I currently have access to a mid-range DSLR camera which makes taking photos for clients easier. I am currently eligible for a bursary at one of my chosen universities. I have access to a lot of information on the internet to help me learn more about web design.


I cannot currently drive which might put me at a disadvantage of jobs which are further away. Major Web Design firms are in other countries and I would need to move to be able to work there. Technology events around the world are expensive to attend and to get to making it nearly impossible for me to go.


My web design jobs also pose as contacts into other industries for further jobs to materialize.


The web and technology are constantly changing at an accelerated rate. Anything I learn at university might be out of date by the time I finish my degree.

Resources Plan:

Which are the most useful resources?

The most useful resources in my possession are the contacts that I have with my clients as I can use them to get more clients and the work I have done for them proves my experience in the field. The fact that I have a powerful desktop computer at home is also a useful resource as it makes learning comfortable and easy.

How are you going to make the best use of your resources?

I am going to utilize my clients to provide me with more work so that I can learn more about the profession whilst studying on my PC at home so that I am prepared for when I enter the industry properly after university.

 How are you going to find new resources? 

During my university course, I will take a placement year at a company where I will create multiple new contacts, increasing further the number of resources at my disposal.

P5 – Personal Statement and application to University

Personal Statement:

My interest in Web Design began when I was 12. I started to learn some HTML through developing games websites in Year 8 using Weebly. I have been studying Web Design in my free time ever since. I am applying for a degree in this field as I have a huge passion for web design and I would like to make a career out of it. I want to make a worthwhile contribution to the web by creating websites that provide relevant information and conform to modern standards. I have a good knowledge of current web design practices and front-end languages such as CSS and HTML.

Currently, I am working on three web development projects. I host my own photography website which I have built using Adobe Muse. I have experimented with using multiple web-based apps such as a shopping utility and a file-sharing solution. I am also the website administrator for a local Pre-School, which uses WordPress. I have designed and developed a website for the National Hyacinth Collection using the core front-end languages. Subsequently, I now have a good understanding of HTML5 and CSS3. I installed Apache and PHP7 on a Raspberry Pi to test the websites that I make before pushing updates to go live.

Media Studies has provided a basis for core design ideas and practices as well as how to work effectively as part of a team to achieve a common goal. Photography has pushed me to be more creative and original in my ideas. Photography has also helped me to become more professional when meeting with clients and discussing their needs.

Many of my photos have been published in a local newspaper as part of a weekly run photographic competition. I am an avid writer and have written a book aimed at 7-11-year-olds which I am in the process of sending to publishers.

During my time at middle school, I was an active member of the athletics team, mainly in the relay races, which taught me to work as part of a team to achieve a common goal, something that is vital in the computing industry as many tasks are simply too large to tackle alone.

Over the past year, my family and I have been collecting and selling records. In order to better understand them, and the prices to sell them for, I have had to catalogue each item individually and store them in an organised manner. I have also worked to a schedule to ensure that we do not get overrun with stock and orders. These are skills which I can use during my time at university and beyond, as I will be able to deliver work on time and keep it organised so that other people may access it easily.

I went on a week’s work experience to TTP Labtech where I designed and manufactured a test rig for testing the polarisation of lasers used in Phenotypic and Biological screening lab instrumentation. I then designed and wrote a software application in Python for execution on a Raspberry Pi to control the test rig. Over the summer of 2016, I had work experience at ActivInsights where I assisted the Technical Product Manager in manufacturing, assembling, programming, and packing professional wearable devices.

I learnt many key skills to prepare me for my future in the workplace such as chain of command, and being able to carry out a set of instructions repetitively to achieve the same result. Due to the fact that I can now record and follow instructions, this will make building websites easier on my course as I will be able to achieve similar results time and again because I will be following instructions I have created. This is also vital when working as part of a team, as other members will be able to understand what processes I have taken and be able to achieve the same result easily, and quickly.

I hope to gain experience working in a team to produce visually and technologically stunning websites while working to a brief and within time constraints. I want to learn more about web development languages and increase my knowledge of the subject so that I am ready to go straight into an industry job with opportunities for career progression.