TV App prototype

In my second year of university, I took a design unit where we learnt about more advanced theories in design as well as learnt how to use various tools such as Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD. For our assessment, we had to design a TV Application similar to Netflix, but using open source movies. There had to be an app for use on TVs and a companion app for use on mobiles. I decided to code my prototypes.

Job App Prototype

In my second year of university, I took a User Experience unit. In this unit, we learnt about the key theories behind user experience and then had to implement these theories by mocking up a job app similar in function to Indeed.

Solent App

I wanted to practise my design skills using Adobe XD so I made a mockup of a mobile app that combines current web-based applications that the university offers.


As part of my media course at Sixth Form we had to create multiple websites. This website is a social media platform for creators to share their work.


At University, we were tasked with creating a website that uses some basic JavaScript and solves a real-world problem. I made a website that displays conspiracy theories in a news website form as most information is only available on YouTube.