P6 – Portfolio

I have chosen the following examples of my work because they show the very best of my design and photographic skills. I have created these works using much of the Adobe Creative Cloud which shows my proficiency in the area, a must for lots of employers in the design industry. There are lots of different types of designs in my portfolio such as websites, magazines, adverts, and posters. This shows that I can design for a wide range of mediums. Much of the content I have created uses large paragraphs of text that I have written. This proves to future employers that I have excellent written communication skills. Some of the work shown in this portfolio has been carried out for employers, which shows I have experience in working for clients and working to client briefs to create visually exciting and competent products.

Voiceover (Audio Only):

Long Road Sixth Form Media Diploma:

An Alice In Wonderland Magazine (not my images) created in Adobe InDesign:
Book Cover Designs (not my images) created in Adobe Photoshop:
 A portrait of me created with Adobe Illustrator:
Multiple website designs (most images are by me) created using Adobe InDesign:
An advertising campaign for a PS4 Racing Game (all images are by me) created using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign:

Long Road Sixth Form College Photography:

Sketchbook created using Adobe InDesign:
Various Zines created using Adobe InDesign:

National Hyacinth Collection:

A Website Design for the National Hyacinth Collection created using Adobe Photoshop:

Therfield Village Pre-School:

Logo re-design created using Adobe Illustrator:
Literacy Event Flyer created using Adobe InDesign:
Website Maintenance and Blog implementation using WordPress:


Joe Bailey Photography:

Bookmark created using Adobe InDesign:
 Business Card created using Adobe InDesign:
Website created using Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, and a variety of web languages:


Other Work:

Mobile Phone lock screen and home screen inspired by the TV Show The Expanse created using Adobe InDesign:
Fashion Posters created using Adobe InDesign: