The poster will take a total of 12 working hours to design and produce. These 12 hours account for several conceptual designs, and a final piece. A typical designer would charge £25 per hour. This £25 per hour covers all costs such as insurance, travel expenses, camera loan, tickets for photoshoot event, etc. The total cost is therefore £300.

One website will take a total of 48 working hours to design and code. This includes several rough mock-ups and the finished design. A web-designer would charge around £30 per hour. The total cost is £1440.

The box art will take roughly the same amount of time as the poster, 12 hours, and therefore cost the same – £300.

Advertising space will need to be rented such as bus stops, billboards, and posters inside shops. This will cost roughly £1500 per month. An extra £100 per month will be used for website servers.

The total initial cost is £2040 with £1600 per month after that.

Production Plan:

The launch date is exactly one month before the release of the game. This allows enough time for people to see adverts, learn about the game, and pre-order it, ready to play on launch day.

Legal and Ethical issues:

All images have been taken by me, so don’t feature any copyright. There are no people in my photos, so there are no model release forms needed. The image of the bus was not taken by me, however, it just serves as a template for a bus advert. Screenshots have been taken from a similar game which include copyright, however, actual screenshots from the game will be used for the final advertising campaign. I will make sure that the box art has the relevant legal information on it such as PEGI Age Rating, Publisher, and Platform etc. The documents produced will be checked thoroughly multiple times to ensure information accuracy. This game is rated E for everyone, so will display no offensive content.