Personal Resources Audit


Previous work experience in the same field would be desirable for any future employer.


A car would be desirable in order to drive to work and to interviews, however public transport would suffice in most circumstances.


Access to industry standard software would be a luxury as you can practice your skills at home.


A degree would be desirable in my chosen field however most firms would be happy with experience which would become essential without a degree.

Access to locations:

Large, successful, Web Design firms are based in Japan, USA, and Western Europe.


Contacts with recognized designers would help career prospects as they may be able to open doors to new, better, jobs.

Hire & Loan:

Some web design projects require photos to be taken as well which would require a camera loan.

Bursaries and Competition:

A bursary would be a luxury to pay for all or some of university fees.

Course Workshop and Academies:

Most Web Design information can be found online through websites such as MDN and Google Developers which means it’s very easy to access. This would build upon prior knowledge in the field making you more desirable to future employers.

Festivals and Events:

There are many technology events around the world and it would be a luxury to be able to go to them, however not essential.

Evaluating my own resources:


3 Jobs within the web-design field already puts me above anyone else applying to university. My set-up at home is equipped with industry-standard software and multiple monitors to improve workflow. I have unconditional offers to university to study the degree I want to get me into the web design field. I currently have access to a mid-range DSLR camera which makes taking photos for clients easier. I am currently eligible for a bursary at one of my chosen universities. I have access to a lot of information on the internet to help me learn more about web design.


I cannot currently drive which might put me at a disadvantage of jobs which are further away. Major Web Design firms are in other countries and I would need to move to be able to work there. Technology events around the world are expensive to attend and to get to making it nearly impossible for me to go.


My web design jobs also pose as contacts into other industries for further jobs to materialize.


The web and technology are constantly changing at an accelerated rate. Anything I learn at university might be out of date by the time I finish my degree.

Resources Plan:

Which are the most useful resources?

The most useful resources in my possession are the contacts that I have with my clients as I can use them to get more clients and the work I have done for them proves my experience in the field. The fact that I have a powerful desktop computer at home is also a useful resource as it makes learning comfortable and easy.

How are you going to make the best use of your resources?

I am going to utilize my clients to provide me with more work so that I can learn more about the profession whilst studying on my PC at home so that I am prepared for when I enter the industry properly after university.

 How are you going to find new resources? 

During my university course, I will take a placement year at a company where I will create multiple new contacts, increasing further the number of resources at my disposal.