Skills and Resources Gaps (As outlined in P3):

By using this plan, I will have a good opportunity to learn more web design languages, as outlined as a weakness in P2 and P3. I will do this after I have finished Long Road, during my summer holidays. I will use my time at university to build bigger and more complex websites.

I will learn to drive after my time at university which will help me get to different job interviews which are further away. This was identified as a weakness in P2 and P3.

By applying to jobs worldwide, I will make sure I am working for some of the best web design firms out there.


Finish Long Road Sixth Form College

Continue to improve Joe Bailey Photography learning JavaScript and PHP as well as taking photos

Maintain Therfield Village Pre-School Website

Develop the National Hyacinth Collection Website

Look for more job opportunities in the Web Design sector

Complete the Google Digital Garage and get certified

Take a place at University of Gloucestershire

Create contacts with people in the industry and get part-time work experience in the sector

Learn to drive after university

Move abroad to America to work for SpaceX as a web developer.http://www.spacex.com/careers

Contingency Plan:

I will finish Long Road

I will maintain Joe Bailey Photography

The National Hyacinth Collection website may fall through and result in no further work being produced. However, I still have the templates and started design, which I can show as part of my portfolio.

My Mum might move jobs, but I plan to still maintain Therfield Village Pre-School

I may run out of time to complete the Google Digital Garage Certification, therefore I will do it at university.

I have an unconditional offer from The University of Gloucestershire, however, I might go to Southampton Solent University.

The university may not have appropriate contacts for me to make within the web design sector, so I may need to email web design firms and visit them to make my own contacts.

The main reason I haven’t learnt to drive now is I don’t have the sufficient funds. This may not change after university, so I will just have to use public transport.

Moving to another country is a big risk, and you have to be at the top of your field. If I can’t get a job in another country, I will settle for one in the UK.


Short Term Aims
Continue work on current websites and learn more code
Mid Term Aims

Go to university to get new ideas and make links in the sector

Long Term Aims

Move abroad to work for a small web design firm