Flickr changes to free accounts – Joe Bailey Photography

You might notice that my website uses Flickr to display most of the images. This is done by using an iframe of the Flickr slideshow.

The reason I chose to use Flickr to display my images is that I didn’t have much experience coding at the time (I’m still not a code genius). It was an easy way to display galleries of images in a lightbox. I used the handy Featherlight library for that.

Next year Flickr is changing the number of photos free accounts (that’s me) can have on their site from 1TB of free storage to a mere 1,000 photos. I have taken a lot of photos, and the 1,000 limit just isn’t going to cut it. It’s probably about time I hosted my images anyway.

I’m looking at using PHP to get all images in a directory, and then display that in a slideshow using JavaScript which in turn will be displayed in the Featherlight lightbox.

Updated 16th December 2018

I have now managed to update all the galleries on my website. Featherlight has a slideshow extension which I have used. I used PHP’s Glob feature to list all the photos in a directory, which was helpful as I could put each gallery in a folder and the code would make a gallery out of it.