Cornwall Day 2 – Looe

The clocks changed and we rose to a beautiful view. We could see sheep, rolling hills, and the sea.

After we got ready we drove off in search of a cooked breakfast.

First, we went to Polperro, parking was £5 for 3 hours and it didn’t seem like there was much to do so we turned around and headed for Looe, the second closest town to our Caravan. Parking was £2 all-day, much better!

We wandered along the riverside, the tide was out so we got to see the riverbed.

The high street was bustling with people and we found a nice little cafe called Pier One. I had a breakfast muffin, Mum and Josh had a bacon sandwich each and Dad had a Full English.

We went in a few shops, Dad was happy as we found a charity shop. We then we walked to the beach; it was lovely and sunny but very windy. Josh got an Ice Cream for £1.50 and we got 8 postcards for a pound!

Me and Josh spotted a cave in the cliff so dragged Mum and Dad up hundreds of steps only to find out it wasn’t a cave but just a few trees.

The car park ticket was running out by this time so we walked back through town and to the car park. The tide had started coming in which was nice to watch. We then checked out the train station to see if there were any special events on but it was just a normal national rail one.

After our lovely day out we returned to the caravan and snuggled up with hot chocolates and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. We’d heard great things about the film but thought nothing of it. It was all just one big song, rather cringeworthy.

We went on a late-night walk to the sea and there was a gorgeous sunset. It got dark very quickly so we had to head back home where we found some rabbits outside our Caravan.

We had some pizzas from Co-Op for dinner and then went to bed.