Cornwall Day 3 – Tintagel Castle

Firstly, let me apologise for the following blog posts being delayed, it has been very windy and wet down here in Cornwall and it’s knocked the internet connection out.

We went to Tintagel Castle today, to take a look at what is supposed to be King Arthurs Castle. It was the usual windy roads on the way which make for an enjoyable ride. As we pulled into the town I could remember coming before on our last trip to Cornwall. We tried 3 different car parks before eventually finding a space, and this was at the end of October in the cold, imagine what it would be like in the summer!

We were all a bit hungry, so we went to Pengenna Pasties and found the last remaining table. I liked the look of the Cream Tea, but I wanted something warm. Mum got the Cream Tea because she wasn’t feeling too hungry and we shared it, I also had a bacon and cheese turnover. Josh wanted a sausage roll but they had run out so he ended up having a bacon and cheese turnover too. Dad had a Steak Pasty, as when in Cornwall…

After our nice lunch we had a look round the shops, another Cornish Hospice and a few gift shops, Josh got a sword which he enjoyed swinging around the whole of Tintagel.

We then got the tickets to go up the Castle and their card machine was broken so they used some old contraption to scan my card. It was £35 for the family which I didn’t think was too bad. They offered a land rover service to and from the castle at £2 an adult but we decided to walk it instead. There was a nice little stream running from the top of the hill all the way down to the bottom ending in a lovely waterfall.

Mum and Dad remember crossing a tiny swinging rope bridge to get to the castle which is situated on an island, but English Heritage have recently made a new bridge from donations which was much easier to cross. I loved the views from the island, everything was a lovely mixture of oranges and reds and you could see for miles. We even spotted a seal swimming in the ocean.

We must have spent a good few hours wandering around the castle grounds, exploring old houses, a tunnel, a well, and the beach. We were frozen to the bone once we finished so we went to their café and I had a hot chocolate, mum and dad a tea, and Josh a diet coke.

The car park was very empty when we got to it which was nice, and we drove home having had a very fulfilling day. We had take away fish and chips from Looe for dinner and watched Beetlejuice which we all enjoyed.