Cornwall Day 5 – Newquay

We were going to have a day in, but Dad woke up at 8 raring to go. It was raining quite a bit, so we decided on Newquay for a bit of shopping.

Dad had to do some competition level parking to get in a tight space next to a wall and we were very impressed. It was chucking it down and we weren’t very happy walking down the high street. We went in a few charity shops but there was nothing of interest really.

Mum then had the excellent idea of going to Towan Beach. It really started raining at that point but we soldiered on. There was a house on an island which was cool and I spotted a massive dead jellyfish and mum found these weird bubbles in the sand. We just about made it to the sea before turning back to town where we found a Warrens Bakery, the Cornish equivalent of Greggs, and got some takeaway Cornish pasties and baguettes for dinner. Dad then did some more awesome reversing to get us out of the car park and on our way home.

We watched Room on the Broom and Goosebumps whilst eating our meal deals from the pasty shop for dinner. We gave Room on the Broom 10/10 as it gave us very fond memories of when I was little. Goosebumps we scored 8/10 as it kept us hooked into the film but was a bit kiddie.