Cornwall Day 4 – The Eden Project

We used our Tesco Clubcard points to buy tickets for The Eden Project and I had a bit of a panic as to whether I’d booked the right day or not, but the tickets are valid once for 365 days from the day you bought them luckily.

We had to go on a ferry to cross the River Fowey which was very exciting. The ferry fit about 9 cars on it and only took a few minutes to cross. It cost £5 for one-way or £9 for a return, we got one way as we didn’t know whether we would be coming back after the last ferry had left. You can also head further north into Cornwall and cross the river via bridge, but that’s not as fun.

We stopped off at Tesco, outside of St Austell, to get some meal deals and fill up with diesel. It was nice to see a little sign of civilization.

We parked in the Plum Car Park and got a bus to the main entrance. It was raining pretty heavily but the place was still packed. We had a wander down and had a look in a special Halloween Hut they’d made. They had Orbeez in a Cauldron and make your own spiders web and potions but me and Josh chickened out.

The Eden Project looks very impressive from the outside with these futuristic-looking domes in an old Clay Mine. We took some photos in the pouring rain before hurriedly rushing inside.

We then went in the Rainforest Dome and I had great fun taking lots of macro and abstract photos. We must have been in there for a good hour or so. Mum, Dad, and Josh queued up to get to the top of the dome but got bored and came out again. I found an Ice Cream Bean plant that you could eat raw and would taste of Vanilla Ice Cream or you could use it as a seasoning.

We had our picnic outside sitting with some owls from the Screech Owl Sanctuary. Josh and Dad both petted an owl.

It was much smaller than I remember, but then again, I was only small when I last came. We walked through the Mediterranean Dome next and my camera battery died, but the dome was only small so I didn’t mind too much.

Cold and wet, we retreated to the shop but had a bit of a disappointment as they only sold brands of posh stuff, nothing with The Eden Project on it.

On the way home we went back to Tesco and got some dinner, Hot Dogs, and a fry up for breakfast the next day.