Cornwall Day 7 – Truro

On the final day of our holiday, we headed to Truro to do some more shopping. The weather was pretty rubbish but we made the best of it.

We parked in the Moorfield Car Park where we got to see the lovely Truro Cathedral. Dad went in all the charity shops he could find and me and Josh found a nice toy shop and had a good browse.

We tried looking for somewhere nice to eat but most of the cafes were really healthy or only had a few sandwiches on their menus. We eventually found Cloisters which was a bit of a chav cafe. I ordered a burger and the kitchen made a baguette instead but luckily corrected it. It still meant my burger came about 10 minutes after everyone else’s food was out. It wasn’t even that nice either.

After a bit of a disaster at lunch, we found Pannier Market which had both a comic and record shop! We must have spent at least an hour in there and everyone got something they wanted. We then went to a few more charity shops before heading back to the caravan.

We had a game of Monopoly and I won by wiping everyone out and had a final total of £8455. A perfect way to end our lovely holiday.