How to remove haze in Adobe Premiere Pro

This is the first in a new series of blog posts which will outline some tips & tricks for photographers.

In quite a few of my videos, especially the ones at Bruntingthorpe, haze has been a real problem. It’s easy to fix for photos you can just use the Dehaze slider in Lightroom. In Adobe Premiere Elements there’s a Haze Removal Effect. But how about in Adobe Premiere Pro?

I’ve used the Cineon Converter to increase the contrast of the video. Here are the settings I used:

Conversion TypeLog to Log
10 Bit Black Point25
Internal Black Point0
10 Bit White Point1023
Internal White Point1
Highlight Rolloff0

I then used the Lumetri Color effect to add some final touches to the video. Play with the highlights and shadows until you have the contrast you want. Similarly, try out different settings on the Cineon Converter effect to adjust the level of dehazing you want.