Train In Blocks

I started working with Mikey Lau, founder of Train In Blocks in April 2020. He wanted to create a web app for personal trainers to manage their clients. We had a lot of project meetings to work out how best to implement such an app and I was given complete control of the implementation. I decided Okta was a good fit for Authentication, and we were going to use Stripe to process payments. As I love Vue I decided to use that on the front end, and I have quite a bit of experience with PHP so used that, along with slim, to create an API for updating content in a MySQL database.

Initially, I did a lot of the front-end work, but I taught Mikey HTML, CSS, and Vue and started to move more into a project manager role and backend developer. I created a Stripe WebHook to handle sign-ups which then creates a user in Okta and sends the customer an email about their new account. We also created a site in Nuxt for sign-ups to take place and for potential customers to learn more about the application.